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Legion of Mary
Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary

Our Lady of Sorrows Presidium, Linwood, NJ
 Approved by Presidium Spiritual Director and our Curia

A lay organization honoring the Blessed Mother, the Legion of Mary meets weekly to pray together and perform apostolic work.

Auxilliary members do not attend meetings, they only pray daily the Tessera prayers found on the Tab above, under Tessera.  Call (609) 420-5427 to be recorded down as an Auxillary Legionary member or write a message below. 

 Active members perform good works such as visit ill or elderly parishioners who are homebound, in hospitals, or in nursing homes, volunteer at food banks, make rosaries, as well as many other good works. Meetings are held each Tuesday at 9:00am at Our Lady of Sorrows, 724 Maple Avenue, Linwood, NJ Church Annex.  

Press Tessera tab on top of page for Legion of Mary Prayers
Official Legion of Mary Handbook from Legion of Mary Consilium website in Dublin, Ireland. (permssion granted for posting these links).
We meet Tuesday morning at
Our Lady of Sorrows Church
724 Maple Ave  Linwood, NJ 08221
Parish office (609) 927-1154

in the Hall Annex on Tuesday to pray the Rosary and the Legion of Mary Tessera. 

President of Linwood Presidium:
Linda Tuccinardi
Webmaster:  Grace Ulisse


Inspire others, post to our Google blog and spread the word of apostolic works or your love of the Legion of Mary:
Legion of Mary Blog 

Legion of Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows Praesidium, Linwood, NJ


Last Updated: 03/01/2017